I started my weight loss journey in June of 2010. Since then, I've lost over 100 lbs. It hasn't been easy, but I refuse to give up. I want to be as healthy as I possibly can and lose over half of my original body weight.

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Oct 31, 2011
@ 9:00 am

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Happy Halloween, y’all!

Happy Halloween, y’all!

  1. happilyconfused said: oh Paula! great idea!
  2. shan-thinks-she-can said: OMG THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! And so TRUE!! AWESOME costume!!
  3. l-8-10 said: I LOVE it! You are adorable.
  4. smaller-n-smaller said: bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha priceless!!!
  5. ohh-shenanigans said: HA! I love it.